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This is a wiki to keep track of the ever expanding D&D Universes that we continue to have our adventures in; building worlds, together.

It follows the multiple Universes effected by the multiple Campaigns; in which the Souls are the driving force that changes the fate of the Universe altogether. This is merely a database to log the known information about these Universes and the Souls contained within, and how they ultimately effected the worlds they inhabited. Through this database you can learn about the characters and the Universes that they've changed.

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Soul Source

The Source of All Souls.

Major Pages Edit

This is an easy list of some of the main concepts covered in this wiki.

  • Universes - The Universes in which the Stories Take Place
  • Campaigns - The Stories Themselves and Events Wherein
  • Souls - Those Who Drive the Stories and Their Impact

Major Campaigns Edit

These are some of the campaigns that have had a major impact on the D&D multiverse as a whole.

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